Dave Pell runs Arba, a family investment group, where he’s been helping entrepreneurs build successful startups since the early days of the first Internet boom; back when seed rounds had valuations, offices had cubicles, and term sheets arrived via fax.

Arba (meaning four) is a partnership among Dave and his three sisters–who leave him alone as long as the returns remain astronomical. He operates much like an angel investor, acting quickly, and working with other small funds and individual investors to seed and grow early stage companies in the Bay Area, New York, Oregon, Seattle, Chicago and beyond.

Past and current portfolio companies include: GrubHub (ipo), AppZen, Hotel Tonight (AirBNB), Hello Heart, Open Table (ipo), PulseData, Marin Software (ipo), Coda, Carmera, Clutter, Recount, Moxie, Zone7, Passport, Epic Magazine (Vox), Sparrow, Automatic (SiriusXM), Airbase, YCharts (acq), Arrive, AtVenu, PlantPrefab.

In addition to investing in startups, Dave Pell is the Internet’s Managing Editor. He’s also the author of Please Scream Inside Your Heart.